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I am Senior Lecturer in Law at City, University of London.  I am also co-founder and trustee of the Treebeard Trust.

I specialise  in coercive control and the criminal law. I advise governments and activists around the world on the doctrinal implications of domestic abuse law reform, and through the Treebeard Trust support transformative initiatives to empower women affected by violence .  

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Great news, the government has announced that post separation abuse will be a criminal offence...see more

Interview with Sarah Gorrell on BBC Radio Sussex, 9 March 2021

BBC Radio Sussex
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NSW might criminalise coercive control: Professor Evan Stark and I argue that it should...see more 

and the NSW Parliament agreed...see their report

'A woman wears the same outfit every day, rarely goes out, and continually paces back and forth in a small space. Imagine how hard it would be to explain her behaviour if you were unable to reveal that the woman is confined in a jail cell….Start with the cage, and everything changes.'

Evan Stark

Illustration: Natalie Lees

Research Publications

Criminalising Coercive Control

Cassandra Wiener

‘From Social Construct to Legal Paradigm: the New Offence of Coercive or Controlling Behaviour in England and Wales’


Marilyn McMahon and Paul McGorrery, (eds) Criminalising Non-Physical Family Violence: Coercive Control and Autonomy Crimes (Springer International)

Howard Journal of Crime and Justice

Cassandra Wiener

‘Seeing What is Invisible in Plain Sight: Policing Coercive Control’

The Howard Journal of Crime and Justice

Opinion Pieces

Cassandra Wiener, Jan 2021

The Criminal Law and Coercive Control


Interview with Cassandra Wiener 29 Oct 2020

Inside the fight to rid the world of abusive stalkerware



I'm happy to be one of the academic experts interviewed for this important new documentary 'Walking on Eggshells', co-created by Rosie Jarvis and Annie La Vespa.