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Excited to announce the launch of my monograph Coercive Control and the Criminal Law published by Routledge and available to order here.

Coercive Control and the criminal law
Cassandra Wiener

About Cassandra

I am a Reader in Law at City, University of London.  I am also co-founder and trustee of the Treebeard Trust.

I specialise  in coercive control and the criminal law. I advise governments and activists around the world on the doctrinal implications of domestic abuse law reform, and through the Treebeard Trust support transformative initiatives to empower women affected by violence .  I also run the centre for justice reform  at City, University of London. 

City University of London
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Treebeard Trust

Law Reform

 Operation Bluestone/Soteria is happening– glad to have been a part of the team working to transform the police response to rape… my guidelines on the investigation of rape in the context of coercive control and strategic advice on where to locate domestic rape in force are now operational across all forces in England and Wales.

Research Publications

Coercive control as a framework for responding to male partner abuse in the UK

Evan Stark & Cassandra Wiener

Coercive Control as a Framework for Responding to Male Partner Abuse in the UK: Opportunities and Challenges

The Routledge Handbook of Gender and Violence

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Cassandra Wiener

Defining Coercive Control in Law: Problems and Possibilities


The Edward Elgar Handbook of Domestic Abuse

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Cassandra Wiener

Telling the wrong stories: Rough sex, coercive control and the criminal law

Child and Family Law Quarterly

Criminalising Coercive Control

Cassandra Wiener

‘From Social Construct to Legal Paradigm: the New Offence of Coercive or Controlling Behaviour in England and Wales’


Criminalising  Coercive Control, Family Violence and the Criminal Law

Opinion Pieces

Cassandra Wiener interviewed, 11 April 2024

Evan Stark, 82, Dies; Broadened Understanding of Domestic Violence

The New York Times

Cassandra Wiener, 7 April 2024

Evan Stark obituary

The Guardian

Comment with Cassandra Wiener, 23 March 2024

‘But he didn’t hit you, did he?’: inside the coercive control courtroom

The Guardian


Comment with Cassandra Wiener, 3 September 2023

‘He took every penny’: the women left with a debt mountain by coercive partners

The Guardian


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Sentencing of women who kill their abuser and the effectiveness of defences 
Clare Wade KC and Harriet Wistrich spoke about Clare Wade KC’s recent review of Domestic Homicide Sentencing and the government’s response. 

9:30 – 13:30 10 July 2023

The City Law School
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