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Excited to announce the launch of my monograph Coercive Control and the Criminal Law published by Routledge and available to order here.

Coercive Control and the criminal law
Cassandra Wiener

About Cassandra

I am a Senior Lecturer in Law at City, University of London.  I am also co-founder and trustee of the Treebeard Trust.

I specialise  in coercive control and the criminal law. I advise governments and activists around the world on the doctrinal implications of domestic abuse law reform, and through the Treebeard Trust support transformative initiatives to empower women affected by violence .  

City University of London
Treebeard Trust

Law Reform

I am joining the Home Office funded research Operation Bluestone/Soteria from September 2022 – becoming part of the team working to transform the police response to rape… I will be focusing on rape and sexual abuse that takes place within an intimate relationship. This is a once in a lifetime moment for me and I am beyond excited and grateful.

Research Publications

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Cassandra Wiener

Telling the wrong stories: Rough sex, coercive control and the criminal law

Child and Family Law Quarterly

Criminalising Coercive Control

Cassandra Wiener

‘From Social Construct to Legal Paradigm: the New Offence of Coercive or Controlling Behaviour in England and Wales’


Criminalising  Coercive Control, Family Violence and the Criminal Law

Howard Journal of Crime and Justice

Cassandra Wiener

‘Seeing What is Invisible in Plain Sight: Policing Coercive Control’

The Howard Journal of Crime and Justice

Opinion Pieces

Cassandra Wiener and Anna Minton, 29 March 2022

Domestic abuse in the UK: scrapping the local connection test is a start but it's not enough

The Conversation

Comment with Cassandra Wiener, 15 February 2022

Why victims of domestic abuse don’t leave – four experts explain

The Conversation

Tanya Palmer and Cassandra Wiener, 17 December 2021

How Claims of 'Consensual Rough Sex' Hide Abuse and Coercive Control from Courts

The Conversation

Comment with Cassandra Wiener, 27 October 2021

Street Crime and Women's Safety


City University of london logo.png

Opening of the Centre of Law and Criminal Justice Research
Address by Baroness Helena Kennedy KC

16 March 2023

The City Law School, City, University of London
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