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Coercive control as a framework for responding to male partner abuse in the UK

Evan Stark and Cassandra Wiener

Coercive Control as a Framework for Responding to Male Partner Abuse in the UK: Opportunities and Challenges

Lombard, N (ed) (2024) The Routledge Handbook of Gender and Violence (Routledge, forthcoming).

Edward Elgar.jpeg

Cassandra Wiener

Defining Coercive Control in Law: Problems and Possibilities

Bettinson, V (ed) (2023) The Edward Elgar Handbook of Domestic Abuse (Edward Elgar forthcoming)

Criminalising Coercive Control.jpg

Cassandra Wiener

From Social Construct to Legal Paradigm: the New Offence of Coercive or Controlling Behaviour in England and Wales

Marilyn McMahon and Paul McGorrery, (eds) Criminalising Non-Physical Family Violence: Coercive Control and Autonomy Crimes (Springer International)

Howard Journal of Crime and Justice.jpg

Cassandra Wiener

Seeing What is Invisible in Plain Sight: Policing Coercive Control

The Howard Journal of Crime and Justice

Safe The Domestic Abuse Quarterly.jpg

Cassandra Wiener

Grooming and Coercive Control

[2019] (67) Safe: The Domestic Abuse Quarterly 23. 

Human Rights Defender.JPG

Cassandra Wiener

The New Law on Controlling or Coercive Behaviour in England and Wales: Progress But Not (Yet) A Solution?

(2019) 28(3) Human Rights Defender 11. 

Domestic Violence Report.JPG

Evan Stark and Cassandra Wiener

Coercive Control, the Offense and Men: A Response to Bates and Talyor

[2019] 25(2) Domestic Violence Report 31. 

The Conversation.jpg

Cassandra Wiener

Caroline Flack’s death shows why police and CPS need more training in domestic abuse cases

The Conversation, February 2020


Cassandra Wiener

Coercive control doesn't end with a breakup and the law has to reflect that

iNews, March 2020

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