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Cassandra Wiener and Anna Minton, 29 March 2022

Domestic abuse in the UK: scrapping the local connection test is a start but it's not enough

The Conversation

Comment with Cassandra Wiener, 15 February 2022

Why victims of domestic abuse don’t leave – four experts explain

The Conversation


Tanya Palmer and Cassandra Wiener, 17 December 2021

How Claims of 'Consensual Rough Sex' Hide Abuse and Coercive Control from Courts'

The Conversation

Comment with Cassandra Wiener, 27 October 2021

Street crime and women’s safety

Interview with Cassandra Wiener, 5 February 2021

‘I go to sleep in tears’: why experts are calling for post-separation economic abuse to be recognised in law


Cassandra Wiener, January 2021

The Criminal Law and Coercive Control



Interview with Cassandra Wiener 29 October 2020

Inside the fight to rid the world of abusive stalkerware


Interview with Cassandra Wiener, 9 April 2020

People In Abusive Relationships At Greater Risk During Isolation But Help Is Still At Hand


Cassandra Wiener, 17 March 2020

Coercive control doesn't end with a breakup and the law has to reflect that


Cassandra Wiener, February 19, 2020

Caroline Flack’s death shows why police and CPS need more training in domestic abuse cases

The Conversation

Cassandra Wiener, November 2019

'The New Law on Controlling or Coercive Behaviour in England and Wales: Progress But Not (Yet) A Solution?'

Human Rights Defender

Cassandra Wiener, 2 October 2019

‘Seeing What is Invisible in Plain Sight’: How Effective Is the New Law on Coercive Control?

Howard League for Penal Reform

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